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An exciting new LED fixture is just about ready to light up the world! We are looking forward to lighting up our compact 40,000 lumen, high CRI LED fixture made right here in Rockledge! More info to come soon.
October 19, 2015Spyros Nomikos


Interested in saving electricity with premium LED lighting? Download our LED downlight Retrofit Kit specification sheets. For our 6" downlight retrofit kits:   FOS-CR6-SPEC_Rev1.1 For our 4" downlight retrofit kits:   FOS-CR4-SPEC_Rev1.1 SHOP ONLINE NOW!
July 24, 2015Spyros Nomikos


2015 is a good year so we are placing our 11 Watt 6" LED downlight retrofit kits on sale for $20.15! These LED downlight retrofit kits pay for themselves within a year when replacing a 75W bulb used for 8 hours per day at $0.11/kWhr. That leaves another $300+ in savings over ... Read More
January 21, 2015Spyros Nomikos


We now offer Area LED lighting for your outdoor applications. LED engines can replace up to 500W conventional lighting. The LED light is available as a complete fixture or as retrofit kits.
November 23, 2014Spyros Nomikos